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BullRhino asked 4 months ago
I recently returned from a cruise where I had taken a lot of video with my Insta360 X3 and a fair amount of it had obvious misalignment on the stitch lines which was very unsatisfactory.  I tried fixing it using the calibration in the Insta360 Studio, and in some cases that helped, in some it made it worse, but I could undo it.  In some it didn't help at all.  What could/should I have done or can I do to make sure this doesn't happen anymore?
Shanil Staff replied 4 months ago

In Insta360 Studio there are some tools to fix or at least improve stitch line errors. Just by trial and error, try check Dynamic Stitching ON or Optical Flow Stitching ON to see if it makes a difference. If the stitch line errors persists in future videos, then I would get Insta360 to check the camera.