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360Felixa asked 3 months ago
What is the photo/stitching quality using the Flow for 360 photos? I have an iPhone 12 Pro so in theory the quality of the photos should be superior to my X3 or QooCam 8K, but does it work as expected? Is there an sample photos available taken with the Flow?
Shanil Staff replied 3 months ago

It is best to use a 360 camera to take 360 photos. Insta360 Flow has to capture 18 photos to take a single 360 photo and the final resolution is 6080 x 3040. There will be stitching artifacts as even slight wind can jar Flow in action. The sun going behind the clouds during the 18 shots taken can change the exposure of the photo. Overall, use a 360 camera to take a 360 photo.