Insta 360 One R microphone recognition

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Tony asked 4 months ago
One of Insta 360 biggest problems is that is does not recognise an external microphone if it is connected when the camera is turned on. The only way the camera recognises an external microphone is to first turn on the camera and then plug in the external microphone. This is really frustrating because if you forget to do that and turn on the camera with the external microphone connected you think it recording the audio from the external mic when in reality it’s using the cameras internal microphones. Insta knows about this problem and over a year ago offered a user the opportunity to download a beta software that resolved the problem. Since then all the software updates have not included this bug fix and to be very honest for me it’s something that should have been resolved. You have no idea how many videos I have where I forgot to unplug and plug in the external microphone to make it work where the internal microphones recorded unacceptable audio.