How to side load onto Oculus

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PJ1300 asked 4 months ago
Hi Shanil I have an Oculus/Meta Quest 2 headset and have problems “Side loading “ my Insta360 x2 videos, 360 videos, onto it. would you mind explaining, in idiot proof steps, how I go about it please? I have tried Google instructions but I get confused and it seems to be very “ Hit and miss” with one video working and another not! 

The mp4 video is 360 on my PC but not on the headset.    Thanks 
Shanil Staff replied 4 months ago

1. Export the INSV files from Insta360 Studio to immersive 360 MP4 files (H264 or H265 is fine).
2. Connect the Oculus Quest 2 to your PC and transfer the MP4 files to your Movies folder in the headset.
3. I personally use SkyBox VR Video Player to watch my Insta360 immersive 360 videos. It is a paid app but sometimes Meta gives free vouchers to download apps from the Oculus Store. So I used a coupon to buy the app.
4. In Skybox VR Video Player open the Movies folder and play your Insta360 video. And that’s it!

PJ1300 replied 4 months ago

Thanks Shanil, I’ll give it a go.