Richard asked 4 months ago
Hi. I have Maps Street View GPS enabled on my camera, an X2, but Google doesn't seem to recognise the GPS data. I record with the APP open and manage the recording from there. Do you have a solution?
Thank you.
2 Answers
Shanil Staff answered 4 months ago

Are you taking photos indoors or outdoors? Because if it's indoors it could be that your phone is not getting a strong GPS signal and is not recording GPS data in the first place. According to the Insta360 help page, if it does not work then you should contact Insta360 support to investigate.

Richard answered 4 months ago
I have had to contact technical support, very kind by the way, it is more complicated than it seems, but like everything it has a solution, but it is excessively long and tedious to put it here. But know Shanil that it can be done.