Backing up/ duplicating 360 files whilst on holiday- any suggestions?

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Its-a-360-world asked 4 months ago
I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to can backup/duplicate my 360 videos and stills whilst on holiday ( mainly cruising ) without having access to a laptop, and to be as little weight as possible.- (a small card duplicator- to make copies only or copy and store ) I did think of a couple of options- (1) backing up by steaming to an account like One Drive- this would be slow and very expensive. (2) Using a backup device that has a MicroSD card reader like the WD MyPassport Wireless Pro portable External drive – the Wifi on this could be very useful as well for playback This drive doesn’t seem to be available at present, anyone know of a similar drive: How do the professionals backup their valuable files whilst away/ abroad? I always worry I’m going to loose my MicroSDs!  Thanks
Shanil Staff replied 4 months ago

Backing up 360 footage without a computer while you are on the go is quite a challenging problem. There isn’t really an easy way to do this. I myself just HAVE to carry a laptop to back up 360 footage when abroad or working on client projects. Hopefully in the future there will be new tech to solve this problem.