Accidentally set shooting mode to ‘Timelapse’

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Jim asked 4 months ago
I recently made a ski video with my Insta360 One X2.  Unfortunately I accidently set the shooting mode to 'Timelapse'. I didn't realise this till I had transferred the file to my computer when I got home. Is there any way to: 1. Fix the video into 'Normal' and 2. Stop accidently changing the shooting mode in the future
Shanil Staff replied 4 months ago

With Timelapse mode there is no way to recover the frames in between, so it’s not possible to turn a Timelapse video into a Standard 360 video.

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Jim answered 4 months ago
ok. Thanks
esiahaan replied 4 months ago

You can try make it smoother using like optical flow in the video editing apps

Jim replied 4 months ago

Hi. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about optical flow so checked it out. I found a great YouTube video [ ] on using optical flow in DaVinci (paid version)
It was really interesting and I may try it out if I upgrade my computer as I don’t think my current computer has the power to process such a large 360° file.

esiahaan replied 4 months ago

I dont use DaVinci but it basicly the same, the apps will try to add some frames in between the original frame to make the rolling smoother, but don't expect too much.